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Saving Par - Our Commitment to the Game

Our passion is the game; now, here is our commitment. We are offering our services for FREE (some restrictions apply). We believe that great course design should not be restricted to high-end clubs or pricey daily fees. Look at a Top 100 list, how many of those courses are affordable? Don't get us wrong, we love playing those places and we love our clients. But its time to grow the game and give back. 

Here is how it works. We choose one deserving course to receive a full master plan service, to introduce strong design elements that work within their operations budget. ​The design will be able to be implemented with in house staff, so you must have a superintendent willing to build, or we can provide construction services (not included in contest). Owners, Superintendents, Pros, and even Patrons can nominate their respective courses so long as the decision-makers are on board. 


1) The rate for the course must be affordable. While this varies by market, generally speaking its under $50 peak rate for 18 holes.

2) All decision making parties must agree to the submission and be willing to make capital improvements to their course.

3) Emergency 9 Golf is offering our design services. All other services and travel are not included. Site visits will be a reimbursable expense (we will keep the cost down). 

4) Submissions must be submitted using our submission form. Entries close June 30, 2021.


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