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golf course evaluations & Practical business planning

Before an existing course even entertains a renovation plan, Emergency 9 Golf can provide an in-depth evaluation of your current conditions, operations, and the market your course is located. In marketing, this is called a SWOT analysis. We just think it is practical business planning. This step is critical as it could save your operation from costly and unnecessary construction costs. Design firms love to spend course’s money and propose costly renovations. It is a simple reason; fees are based on a percentage of the total project costs. Emergency 9 Golf provides an honest evaluation to their clients to help separate wants and needs. At the end of the evaluation period, some clients still choose to add their “wants” to the project, but at least it is done with a full knowledge of the costs vs benefits.

GOLF COURSe renovation & restorations

Golf course renovation work is generally lumped into two categories, courses from the “Golden Age of Golf Architecture” and those that are not. Emergency 9 Golf works on both, treating every renovation project as a chance for improvement. When Emergency 9 Golf works on historical renovations, you can be assured proper research is completed to make sure the original architect and concepts are in place. Golden Age or not, we love finding the hidden nuances that can differentiate one property from another, it is what makes this game special.

New golf course planning

We aren’t going to lie, every person in this business loves to get their hands on a new project, but the opportunities to work on truly great properties is rare.

From the very start of a routing until the course opens for play, the possibilities are endless. The process is not easy though. Understanding how certain decisions may impact long term viability is crucial for a project to succeed. Our combined 60 years of design, construction, and business experience helps navigate our clients through this process.

golf course construction management

Emergency 9 Golf is comfortable in providing the implementation in any of the three general construction categories: In-house, Design-Build, and Bid/Build. In-house are items on the plan that can be achieved through maintenance activities with current staffing. The design/build process removes extra, often unnecessary detailed drawings, in favor of the more artistic relationship between golf designer and shaper. Bid/build is the traditional construction method. To receive equal bids, each project requires detailed construction limits, demolition plans, contour, drainage, irrigation, and grassing plans, etc.

We are also active, on-site, designers. We believe the best work is when the designer is on property during construction.

practice facility and Short Course design

Practice areas have evolved way past yardage signs in an open field. The current market trend is to find a way to build teaching facilities, short courses, and putting courses on current property.  We love how courses are expanding opportunities to keep their patrons engaged. However, it is important to also understand the impact to a courses operating cost when creating a solution. 

simulator recreation

Emergency 9 Golf uses The Golf Club 2019 / PGA Tour 2k21 to recreate courses on a simulator platform (ProTee United) and for use in the PGA Tour 2k21 on gaming consoles. Inclusion on these platforms can help create interest to visit the actual course. We can also use these platforms to demonstrate how a golf hole may look and play before it is even built.

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