Sam has a BS in Landscape Architecture and an MBA. His career includes golf course architecture, landscape services, and a Fortune 100 corporation. Sam was fortunate to be involved in both historical restorations of existing courses as well as the design and construction of new builds under David Savic (currently with Nicklaus Design). While working in the landscape service industry, Sam designed, sold, and construction managed projects while advancing into a management position. He has a very strong understanding of the green industry.

​After earning his MBA, he continued his career as a leader for a Fortune 100 Company. This enabled him to improve his competencies in traditional business fields. His corporate career included finance, marketing, and operations. Sam also focused on operational efficiency in each field he worked.

​It is these experiences that make Emergency 9 Golf uniquely situated to identify and solve issues at your facility. 

We are passionate about golf. At Emergency 9 Golf, we want our clients to focus their resources on improvements, not inflated fees. With a strong design and construction resume, coupled with our business experience from a successful career with a Fortune 100 company; our background is uniquely qualified to provide the highest level of service for your facility.
Our golf course design services focus on what is best for the facility. We spend renovation dollars wisely; keeping an eye on history, playability, and long term maintenance costs.

Emergency 9 Golf was established in 2018 by Sam Beckman after returning to the US from a three year period living in the United Kingdom. Sam has studied and played golf at some of the top destinations across the US, UK, and Europe. Being a member at a number of private clubs and serving on membership club committees, he knows the members' perspective.

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